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Valentine getaways could end in disaster, says Sainsbury's Bank

10 February 2005
Research from Sainsbury's Bank Travel Insurance shows you might not find the peace and privacy you're looking for if you're considering a romantic Valentine getaway for two - up to a million UK couples are planning to go away too.

Even more worryingly, the research suggests that nearly one in five of those going away will not be insured - meaning that if disaster does strike, 360,000 of those people won't be covered.

"Despite best laid plans disaster can strike anytime, whether it's losing luggage or your passport or something more serious," advises Martin Liddell, Sainsbury's Bank's travel insurance manager.

"So make sure you're smelling of roses by arranging good quality travel insurance before you book your trip."

Good quality means comprehensive cover for every eventuality - and value for money.

"Only around 35 per cent of people who claim on their travel insurance have their losses settled in full, and inadequate cover is a major reason for this," Mr Liddell explains.

"It's worth spending some time shopping around before you book your holiday as you don't necessarily have to pay extra for a more comprehensive range of benefits.

"Be careful you don't end up spending the same on your insurance as you do on your holiday."

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