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Virgin Money Life Insurance finds happiness in reach for Brits

16 June 2005
Despite the changeable weather, increasing job insecurity and worsening international conflict, the majority of Brits are happy with their lives.

Research from Virgin Money Life Insurance revealed that just under three-quarters (73 per cent) of British people feel they are happy with life.

Confirming that money and beauty aren't necessarily sure-fire routes to happiness, wealth and good looks came at the bottom of the list of reasons to be happy.

Instead, a third of those surveyed said that the health and happiness of their family was the thing most likely to make them happy, whilst 29 per cent rated a strong relationship with their partner as the most important factor.

Conversely, breaking up with that partner is the thing most likely to ruin a third of Brits' happiness, followed by financial insecurity.
"Financial security is obviously important to Brits and it's clear that monetary problems have the potential to bring much unhappiness," said Jason Wyer Smith of Virgin Money Life Insurance.
"Having the right life insurance provides financial security for family members and reassures you that loved ones will be cared for, no matter what the future may bring."
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