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Virgin Money Pet Insurance claims top names are Molly and Charlie

20 May 2005
Owners in favour of proper family names have ditched traditional pet names, such as Spot and Lucky, a new survey claims.

A poll by Virgin Money Pet Insurance found that Molly, Charlie and Max are now the most popular pet names, followed by Millie, Oscar and Poppy.

Lucky entered the top 100 names in a poll of policyholders, but both Rover and Spot were absent, falling out of fashion with pet lovers.

Dogs and cats are increasingly becoming a key part of the family and the change in names reflects that, with the top ten pet names all featuring in the top 100 baby names in England and Wales for 2004.

John Franklin, spokesperson for Virgin Money Pet insurance, said: "Although traditional names are not being given to pets anymore, the list of Virgin Money policy holders does contain some interesting new names. We've got the two Rooneys, a Prada and a Wookie on our books. As well as these, we've also got a pussy named The Cat, which clearly lacks a bit of imagination."

Virgin Money is Virgin's financial services arm. Established in 1995, it now has more than one million customers and offers a wide range of financial products across the lending and protection sectors.

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