We’re all going on a summer holiday...with adequate car insurance, breakdown cover, and travel insurance that could save £thousands

12 July 2007 / by None
With the summer holidays fast approaching, it’s time for consumers to start thinking about planning their trips, and to make sure they pack adequate insurance and other essentials in their suitcase, says Fair Investment Company.

M&S research reveals that only one in five British drivers are covered for breaking down in Europe, and nearly half do not know whether they would be adequately protected by their car insurance policy, which means that thousands could potentially be driving around Europe this summer without proper insurance.

You should make sure you keep an eye on your belongings too, and make sure they are properly insured, because, as Moneysupermarket.com’s findings show, one in eight Britons lost something of had something stolen while abroad last year.

And, travellers who use their phone abroad also need to make sure they have the right service, as the recent European vote to cut roaming charges for mobiles abroad by 50% may not be “all it is cracked up to be”, according to uSwitch, because it doesn’t include a number of countries outside Europe such as the US, Canada, Australia, Switzerland and Asia.

You can also save money on your holiday by making sure your plastic isn’t costing you more than it should. The Post Office’s findings show that banks make more than £250 million each year from charging customers for using their debit and credit cards abroad. The majority of credit cards implement a 2.75 surcharge, yet nearly half of all holiday makers are completely unaware about the cost of shopping abroad.

“There is a lot of money and stress to be saved if you compare policies and deals before you go”, said James Caldwell from Fair Investment Company. “Not having adequate insurance can not only potentially cost you thousands of pounds, but could also ruin your holiday.”

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