Wedding insurance and travel insurance make overseas marriages go without a hitch

19 June 2008 / by Rachael Stiles
The growing number of people who decide to get married abroad should remember that wedding insurance can cover important things like the dress, reception and gifts, while travel insurance covers getting to the wedding and the honeymoon.

Not all couples can afford to get married abroad in the style of Wayne Rooney and Coleen McLaughlin, who tied the knot in Italy last week, but with one in five British couples opting for sunnier climes on a Sri Lankan beach or doing it 'American style' in the Big Apple, travel insurance and wedding insurance could offer valuable protection.

Research from the Daily Mail has found that British bride-and-grooms-to-be are drawn to tying the knot abroad because it can cost half as much as saying 'I do' in the UK, and suggests that wedding insurance protects financially against damaged dresses and cancelled venues.

Meanwhile, travel insurance covers other things, such as the honeymoon, which usually takes place in the same country as the ceremony, and cancellations, lost luggage or medical expenses.

Wedding insurance policies can vary a great deal in cost, depending on what level of cover is required, and can cover other things such as wedding rings, the cake, flowers, and wedding gifts.

Having cover in place for both travel and the wedding protects the proceedings from all sides in case something goes wrong on the way or once the couple and guest arrive at their destination.

People leaving their presents at home while they go away to get married should also check that they have sufficient home insurance

to cover the additional value of the gifts in case their home should be broken into, the Daily Mail said.

Some providers automatically increase contents insurance cover for couples who are getting married, or for a certain period before and after the wedding.

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