Well-decorated gardens lead to underinsurance

26 May 2005
With more and more people considering their gardens a natural extension of their house, the increasing value of garden items is leading to the problem of underinsurance.

According to specialist insurer Hiscox and valuation experts Gurr Johns, the value of home contents is soaring by 50 per cent every five to ten years, causing almost two-thirds of well-off households to be underinsured.

As warm summer evenings approach and garden furniture costs in the region of £2,000, barbeques set homeowners back about £350, and patio heaters cost al fresco diners about £150, Hiscox estimates that a large proportion of that increase in value is accounted for by garden items.

Underinsurance can be a particular problem when it comes to garden furniture, Hiscox warns, as it is a rich target for thieves.

"It is important to fit good quality locks, get the best alarm system you can afford and install exterior lighting," Kevin Kerridge of Hiscox advised.

"And remember, in case the worst does happen, make sure you have adequate insurance for all your home and garden contents and permanently mark your valuables to stand the best possible chance of getting your stolen property back."

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