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Westminster costliest for home insurance

06 December 2006
The City of Westminster is the costliest place in the UK for home insurance, while Shropshire is the least expensive, according to new research.

A study for shows that a three-bedroom house in Westminster costs five times as much as a similar property in Bishops Castle in Shropshire.

The difference between Westminster, the UK's most expensive area for home insurance, and Shropshire, its least, is 391 per cent.

The average premium in Camden and the City of Westminster is £903.81, while in the next most expensive location in the UK, Hull, the average insurance premium is 63 per cent less at £552.

Director of insurance at Richard Mason said: "I would call upon all insurers to assess premiums on a case by case basis, rather than black list whole cities as 'high risk'."

When assessing areas insurers look at local crime rates, average property price, affluence and the likelihood of being affected by either flooding or building subsidence.

However, living in a relatively crime-free affluent neighbourhood is not a guarantee of a low premium as the rebuilding cost of the home also affects the level of premium paid.

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