Women car insurance customers rescued with free breakdown cover from Churchill

25 June 2009 / by Rachael Stiles

Female drivers who lack the knowhow to keep their cars in the best working order, or fix them if something goes wrong, could benefit from the free breakdown cover on offer with Churchill car insurance, the provider has said.

New research from Churchill car insurance has found that women are not as knowledgeable as men when it comes to car maintenance, and subsequently they fail to carry out some everyday checks that can keep it running smoothly.

These drivers could be putting themselves at risk by not equipping themselves with the necessary information to get themselves out of a tight spot if they break down, Churchill warns, so the free breakdown cover could come to the rescue for women who get stranded on the side of the road.

Women have miles to go when it comes to gaining the knowledge to keep their cars in good shape, the car insurance provider found, with five per cent saying they are car 'experts', compared to 28 per cent of men.

Meanwhile, 10 per cent of men say they have no basic car maintenance skills, such as being able to identify oil or windscreen washer fluid levels, compared to almost a third of women, who say they have poor or non-existent car maintenance skills.

In the instance that their car breaks down, Churchill's research shows that women generally react differently to men, with 12 per cent of female respondents saying they would call a family member or friend with more knowledge, compared to five per cent of men who would call on family or friends for help.

Women also showed a higher tendency to like the security offered by being able to call for help if something goes wrong, with 66 per cent admitting they are comforted by being able to contact someone if they break down, compared to less than half of men.

Claire Foster, spokesperson for Churchill car insurance, says: "Our research shows that many drivers lack essential car knowledge. In particular, many women told us that they don't feel knowledgeable when it comes to their cars.

"However, having basic car maintenance knowledge can not only help prevent car breakdown situations, but can keep motorists, especially women, feeling more confident on the roads."

Churchill car insurance is offering free breakdown cover with every policy bought until the end of September 2009.

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