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Women-only car insurance could be joined by women-only garages

19 November 2009 / by Rachael Stiles

If women drivers get their way, then they might be able to visit women-only garages in the future, as well as taking out specific car insurance for women. 

Female drivers have voted to show that they would like to see women-only garages, because the majority often feel intimidated or patronised when taking their car to the male-dominated arena of garages.

Research from women's car insurance provider Diamond, has found that a significant proportion of women would prefer to see women-only garages, and this also applies to buying a new car, where women said they also feel patronised and would prefer to buy a new car from a saleswoman than a man.

Those women aged 19 to 25 are least likely to feel confident when taking their car to the garage, the study showed, while those aged 55 or older were found to be the most confident.

Commenting on the survey's results, Sian Lewis, managing director of Diamond car insurance, said: "Today's generation of female motorists are knowledgeable about cars and many do basic servicing themselves. According to our research over 70% of women know how to check the oil, water and tyre pressure on their car.

"However," she added, "garages still seem to be very much men's domain and can be intimidating for some women. Women only garages could make for a more comfortable experience."

Diamond car insurance includes its Best Friend Garage Network with all of its policies, so women may never have to deal with garages as the whole process is taken care of on their behalf. This includes servicing, MOTs and repairs – the Best Friend Garage Network deals with everything from getting a quote to booking a date and arranging for pick up and delivery of the vehicle.

Diamond closely monitors the garages in its network, which have to meet certain standards to remain a part of the scheme, reassuring Diamond car insurance customers that they will get a good standard of service at a fair price.

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