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Workers urged to take out accident insurance

01 February 2005
Manual workers in the UK have been encouraged to consider taking out accident insurance.

It follows the results of a survey, which found that the vast majority (63 per cent) of manual workers have never thought about covering themselves against the financial losses associated with being unable to work.

Only 27 per cent of those polled for the B&CE Insurance study said they have accident insurance.

Additionally, 73 per cent of self-employed workers said they would not be paid if they could not work - and 74 per cent of all manual workers are self-employed.

Brian Griffiths, chief executive of B&CE Insurance described the current situation as "worrying".

"It is the age old mindset where everyone thinks that it will not happen to them. However statistics show that there are 1.6 million workplace injuries every year and of course many other injuries happen outside of the workplace," he commented.

"It's important that manual workers, and especially those who are self employed, consider the need to protect themselves against the financial impact of having an injury and needing to take time off work."

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