Young drivers' car insurance premiums fail to deter 63% from fast cars

06 November 2008 / by Rachael Stiles
Young drivers are trying to get car insurance for inappropriate cars, despite the higher car insurance premiums that come with them, according to research from

The majority of young drivers are still opting for cars with powerful engines, instead of choosing smaller, less powerful cars that would cost a lot less to insure, the study found.

The biggest users of comparison sites are drivers aged 17 to 21 – 63 per cent of which are getting quotes for cars with engines bigger than 1250cc.

Modified car insurance also proves to be a lot more expensive for young drivers who are not deterred by the higher car insurance premiums, even though they could be saving a lot of money.

The study supports the theory of 'boy racers' who drive around in powerful or modified cars, as two thirds of males aged between 17 and 21 drive cars with engines larger than 1250cc.

Of 17 to 21 year old female drivers however, just over half drive cars with engines of this size and male drivers of this age are more than twice as likely as women to get a quote for a car with modifications.

"While young drivers are savvy about using comparison sites to get a better deal on their insurance, the majority still haven't got the message that ‘small is beautiful' when it comes to choosing a car." said Hayley Parsons, chief executive of

Young drivers' car insurance is notoriously expensive, she continues, and if drivers compare car insurance quotes online then they stand a good chance of making significant savings.

Car insurance premiums are often largely determined by the value of the car, so shopping around for the best deals is "essential" Ms Parsons said, adding that the 17 to 20 age group "stands to make significant savings because policies for the same risk can vary by hundreds of pounds."

To avoid hefty car insurance premiums and to improve their chances of getting insured and on the road, recommends that young drivers choose a car with an engine size less than 1250cc, avoiding vehicles which have been modified, taking a pass plus test which can reduce premiums, and shopping around for car insurance to get the best deal.

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