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Young drivers thoughtless about driving after drink

30 May 2007
High-profile celebrity cases in recent days have underlined a growing phenomenon of young drivers getting behind the wheel while over the limit.

Drink driving is a rising problem among 17 to 24-year-olds, according to figures from Scotland Yard, which show that one in four people receiving a drink driving conviction belongs to this age group.

But any history of prosecution will hike premiums for young people looking to renew their policy, Aron Thompson, head of insurance at financial advice site, has warned.

Premiums for younger people are already twice as expensive as the national average,'s figures show, but with a conviction young drivers have to pay up to 55 per cent more.

An 18-year-old purchasing cover for a Ford Fiesta 1.25 would pay 55 per cent more from the AA, at £2,790, compared to the £1,795 he would pay before conviction, while Kwik-Fit premiums would rise by 50 per cent after conviction.

Nevertheless, "the cost can vary considerably from provider to provider", following a conviction, Mr Thompson added, making careful selection of your provider strongly advisable.

The Department of Transport this week confirmed that a summer crackdown will focus on eliminating drink driving among young Britons.

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