esure embraces technology with MP3 pol-cast

11 September 2006
esure has joined the MP3 revolution with a new scheme that allows policyholders to hear all their insurance details at the push of a button.

The innovative new pol-cast scheme enables customers to listen to all their policy details on a single MP3 track lasting around seven and a half minutes but taking up no more space on the player than an average-length pop track.

esure is the first insurer to introduce such a format and believes it will be of the utmost use to customers who sometimes forget to take a hard copy of their insurance details every time they go away on a long trip or a holiday.

Head of risk and underwriting Mike Pickard explained: "By putting all our contact details and policy summaries onto small MP3 files, motorists and holidaymakers never need be without important insurance information when they need it most – if they have an accident or perhaps during a flight delay.

"People may even choose to find out more about their policy when they’re out for a long walk, which can't be a bad thing."

Mr Pickard concluded that he believes the pol-cast, which also includes important contact information and is being made available to customers later on this month, will definitely catch on.

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