esure insurance details on MP3 players

07 September 2006
esure insurance customers will be able to download their car and travel insurance polices onto an MP3 player from next week.

Known as a 'pol-cast', the details will be an MP3 recording of useful telephone numbers and the text of esure's car and travel insurance policies. Customers will be able to download the information, just like they would a podcast, onto their iPod, Blackberry or mobile phone for easy aural access whilst at home or abroad.

Mike Pickard, head of Risk and Underwriting said: "Insurance information tends to get stuffed into the back of filing cabinets or left at the bottom of never-read piles of bumpf. By putting all our contact details and policy summaries onto small MP3 files, motorists and holidaymakers never need be without important insurance information when they need it most - if they have an accident or perhaps during a flight delay.

"People may even choose to find out more about their policy when they're out for a long walk, which can't be a bad thing. esure's pol-cast is all about making insurance a bit more accessible and fully portable - we think it will catch on."

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