ibuyeco has offset 18,000 tonnes of CO2 with green car insurance

20 September 2007 / by None
Customers who are doing their bit for the environment by opting for green car insurance have managed to offset 18,000 tonnes of CO2 with ibuyeco car insurance.

The offsets have been made since ibuyeco launched their green car insurance on World Environment Day in June, and it is the equivalent of offsetting the CO2 emissions of 3,214 UK households.

Lucy Bailey, Marketing Manager of ibuyeco commented: “We are delighted with the response so far and ibuyeco seems to resonate strongly with consumers. With UK road traffic accounting for twenty five per cent of all CO2 emissions there was huge demand for an insurance product that helped counteract the damaging effect our every day use of the car was making.”

Unlike other providers of green car insurance that offset up to 20 per cent of car emissions, ibuyeco offsets 100 per cent of the CO2 produced from each customer’s car, for an additional fee added onto the insurance premium that is used towards neutralising the negative effects of cars.

The emissions are calculated according to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and are based on the car’s engine size, fuel type, and annual mileage.

This good news for the environment comes in conjunction with the efforts of ClimateWise, a group of leading companies within the insurance industry that is committed to tackling climate change and the impact of their own businesses on the environment.

HRH Prince of Wales who is involved in the scheme commented: “This is just the beginning of the process of real change. Time is a luxury we do not have and I urge companies both at home and internationally to sign the ClimateWise principles and take the necessary action.”

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