£23.6 million in bonds unclaimed

19 July 2004
According to new figures, hundreds of thousands of Premium Bond prizes worth £23.6 million remain unclaimed.

The 400,000 unclaimed prizes range in value from £25,000 to £25 with their owners living all over the UK and some abroad.

Greater London is top of the list of regions with unclaimed Premium Bond, with 91,560 prizes making a total of £5,463,800.

Recent National Savings and Investments research revealed that one in six people who moved house in the last 12 months forgot to pass on their change of address details to all their financial providers.

NS&I is now keen to reunite winners with their prizes and urges customers to get back in touch and check if they are a winner.

Luckily there is no time limit on claiming and each unclaimed prize is held until the winner can be tracked down.

The oldest unclaimed prize dates back to the first draw in June 1957.

The problem is also compounded by the fact some people might not be aware they have Premium Bonds, which are entered into the prize draw each month.

Many appear to have been given Premium Bonds as a child and simply forgotten about them. There's a teenager in Essex, for example, who doesn't know they've won £10,000.

NS&I commercial director, Gill Cattanach, said: "Our aim is to reunite Premium Bond customers with the £23.6 million in unclaimed prizes and we urge those customers who've forgotten to tell us they've changed address to get in touch to check if they are a winner."