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£571 Christmas present from credit cards, overdrafts and loans

21 December 2004
Consolidating credit card and overdraft debts can save borrowers £571 a year, has found.

Consumers wishing to save money on debt payments in 2005 can transfer credit card balances to an interest free credit card, or take out personal loans which pay less interest than their current rate, found.

"The key benefit of the zero per cent deal is that all of the monthly repayment goes towards clearing the balance outstanding and therefore the debt can be cleared much quicker. With so many good deals on the market, it's madness not to switch," said Richard Mason, director,

Another moneysaving option is urging consumers to consider in the new year is debt consolidation.

"Rather than panic or ignore card and bank statements as they hit the doormat in the new year, consumers should spend a few moments assessing what they are paying out, at what cost and to whom," said's Mr Mason.

"Debt consolidation is one option to help consumers take control and better-manage all of their debts under one umbrella, whilst repaying a lower, fixed rate sum," he added.

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