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'Ethical consumerism creating new opportunities'

12 November 2007
Growing interest in ethical issues is having a significant impact upon the financial sector, it has been claimed.

According to Mike Fox, manager of Sustainable Leaders Trust at Co-operative Investments, companies are increasingly buying existing "environmentally-themed" organisations instead of starting up new operations.

This, he suggested, could be a positive trend for ethically-minded investors.

"Increasing ethical consumerism is providing new opportunities for companies to grow their business, and firms that have already developed products and services in this market are becoming more attractive to bigger players," he commented.

Mark Robertson, spokesperson for the ethical investment research service Eiris, said that a significant number of ethical financial funds have come to the market in the last 18 months.

The "huge upsurge" in interest in ethical issues among consumers has resulted in such concerns "spilling over" into the financial sector, Mr Robertson claimed.

Climate change in particular, is one issue which appears to be "driving things", he added.

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