'Three ways' to invest in Austrian property

18 October 2007
Investors are moving into Austrian property in three different ways, a market operator has said.

Some are buying Austrian property as a second home, while buy-to-let investors are purchasing a property and then either making a deal with a tour operator or going it alone in order to rent it out, according to Investors in Property.

Spokesman Simon Malster said that the advantage of renting property out independently is that the investor can choose who they rent the property out to and when.

On the other hand, making a deal with a tour operator means that the property is professionally managed but the owner has no say in lettings.

They will be allocated a number of weeks use a year, but the rest of the time the day-to-day management of the property will be in the hands of the tour operator, Mr Malster said.

Austria consists of nine federal states and has approximately eight million habitants, nearly all of whom speak German.

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