26% of Brits to give shares as Christmas 'stock'ing present

17 December 2008 / by Rebecca Sargent
One in four Brits are considering investing in the stock market as a gift this Christmas, a study by Lloyds TSB Wealth Management has revealed.

According to the survey of 2,000 adults, the key reasons for 50 per cent of those considering buying shares as a gift is value for money and longevity as, according to Lloyds TSB, a stock market investment is, "a gift that keeps on giving."

In addition, 46 per cent of those questioned think now is the time to invest in shares because prices are low, whereas 43 per cent simply like the idea of giving an unusual gift this Christmas.

Commenting, Prabal Gupta, director of marketing and investments at Lloyds TSB Wealth Management said: "Many of us struggle for inspiration when it comes to buying Christmas presents and often resort to trusty gloves, slipper or socks.

"For more adventurous Christmas shoppers, giving stocks and shares could be an unusual alternative. An investment in someone's favourite football team or brand is sure to be a welcome surprise on Christmas morning."

The research found that 45 per cent of Brits spend an average of £10-20 per Christmas gift, and 57 per cent said they would spend the same on a stock investment, whereas 35 per cent said they would spend more on shares as they could make more money in the long run.

And, stocks and shares could prove a popular gift as just under half of the people questioned said they would be pleased to receive a share certificate on Christmas day. Shares can be bought through services like Lloyds TSB.

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