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80 per cent of households avoid stock market

19 November 2007
A significant number of households in the UK do not choose to invest in the stock market, according to a new report.

Research by YouGov on behalf of Riley, an individually insured investment from Royal London, found that of the 2,000 households surveyed, three per cent said they invested most of their money in the stock market.

Overall, 80 per cent claimed that they did not have any money invested in stocks and shares, the firm noted.

Roger Edwards, head of marketing development at Royal London, said: "Recent stock market volatility, coupled with longer memories of the crash 20 years ago, have put people off investing in the stock market."

According to the expert, research suggests that medium and long-term investments in stocks and shares tend to off the "most potential" for growth.

However, exisiting investors were recently found to be more adventurous, with a survey by Barclays Stockbrokers revealing that two-thirds would look to invest in "inexpensive" stocks during market "volatility".

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