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A&L launches 5.3% bond

18 August 2006
The offshore savings arm of Alliance and Leicester, A&L International, has announced the launch of a new limited edition one-year fixed rate bond with an interest rate of 5.3 per cent gross.

A minimum investment of £25,000 is required to open the new account and a maximum deposit of £1 million can be placed in the bond to mature on August 31st, 2007.

Interest on the balance is available in monthly form or upon maturity in 12 months' time and the payments can be made to be added to the total or by transfer into another UK bank or building society account.

"Our range of fixed rate bonds continues to be exceptionally well received," said Simon Hull, managing director of A&L International.

"The rate offered on our latest fixed rate bond is highly competitive in the market and the term gives savers the option of accessing the market again for the best deal in 12 months' time."

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