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ALIL increases offshore saver rates

29 September 2006
The offshore savings bank Alliance and Leicester International Limited (ALIL) has increased the interest rates of several of its savings accounts.

The rates on the variable accounts are valid from September 6th onwards and will affect a wide range of accounts, some by up to the full 0.25 per cent increase in base rate interest.

The International Deferred Interest account and the Island Easy Access account will both increase by a quarter per cent, while the Offshore 90 Plus and Offshore 60 Plus products will increase in value by 0.1 per cent per annum.

Simon Hull, managing director of Alliance and Leicester International Limited said: "Alliance and Leicester International aims to offer a range of very competitive offshore savings products to cover all customer needs and the increases we have made to our portfolio reflects our determination to remain the most consistently competitive offshore savings provider.

"During August we also increased the rates on our Offshore 120 Plus account and our Offshore Base Rate Tracker account by the full 0.25 per cent rise in bank base rate, ensuring that these products too remain highly attractive to offshore savers."

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