Abbey advises parents on summer spending

04 July 2005
Abbey has released some tips for parents looking after children on holiday this summer, warning them that it is often necessary to plan ahead since the cost of keeping the kids entertained could be far more than they anticipate.

According to research by Abbey, childcare during summer holidays can cost parents up to £50 a week per child, whether at home or in an external care centre.

On top of the costs of having children looked after, there is also the additional cost of keeping them entertained, with some parents spending more than £35 a week per child on items to keep the children amused.

All in all it could be an expensive summer for parents, with some children off for more than six weeks. Abbey, however, has put together a selection of tips to help parents cope with the cost.

Abbey recommends that parents work out a schedule of events for the holiday since this will help them budget effectively and give children something to look forward to. Parents could take different days off to help care for the children, as well as trying to fit in visits to free, educational venues such as museums or galleries.

Abbey also recommends that parents team up with other families to help reduce costs and perhaps increase the fun.

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