Alliance & Leicester reveals investors' waiting game

07 April 2005
The latest edition of Alliance & Leicester's Wealth Tracker Index reveals that the majority of stock market investors are not as daring as they might seem, preferring to sit tight and wait rather than expand their portfolio.

The bank found that 68 per cent of British people holding stock market investments are opting to wait, whilst only nine per cent plans to expand their portfolio in the next three months.

However, neither do the investors plan to sell - only seven per cent admitted their intention to sell some of their investments, and a minute three per cent was planning to sell them all off.

"The research shows that despite recent gains on the stock market, investors are still relatively cautious, particularly when it comes to investing more money," Sarah Ennion, product manager at Alliance & Leicester, commented.

"If customers want to take advantage of the growth potential offered by stock market based investments, but are wary about losing money, they could consider products that offer them protection against stock market falls."

Women are more cautious than men with their stock market investments, the research suggests: 76 per cent of women said they were intending to sit tight and monitor the progress of their stocks, compared with 62 per cent of men.

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