Almost half UK stocks give you 20 per cent more

02 March 2005
Figures released by Fidelity Investments have revealed that almost half UK stocks returned more than 20 per cent growth last year.

The 304 UK stocks - making up 46 per cent of the British stock market - did significantly better than the market average of 13 per cent growth.

When incorporated into the long-term average, the figures reveal that one in three stocks return at least 20 per cent over any calendar year, Fidelity Investments asserts.

"There are always opportunities for good stock-pickers, no matter what the economic backdrop," said Sanjeev Shah, manager of Fidelity UK Aggressive Fund.

Even in 2002, when the market as a whole lost 22.7 per cent, more than 60 stocks returned at least 20 per cent.

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