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Baby boomers 'dream of property investment'

29 October 2007
British baby boomers are increasingly hoping to spend their retirement abroad, a new study has suggested.

The Bradford & Bingley research looked into the dreams and regrets of over 55s and discovered that many wish they had undertaken more trips abroad or invested in foreign property when they were younger.

Currently, more than a third of trips abroad are being undertaken by travellers over the age of 50.

Bradford & Bingley also notes that six in ten Britons with homes abroad are aged at least 55.

And while some of this generation may feel that they have missed out on opportunities to travel and invest when they were younger, time has not run out for them to realise their dreams, according to the financial services provider's head of savings.

Paul Whitlock said: "It appears many over-55s do have something they regret, but in most cases it is not too late to do something about it."

He advised people should put their money aside and make it "work for them" in order to realise their dreams of property investment and travel.

Some 385,000 people leave the UK every year in order to live abroad, Office of National Statistics figures show.

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