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Barclays Wealth offers new investments for 'performance and protection'

15 April 2009 / by Rachael Stiles
Barclays Wealth is offering a new Defined Returns Plan – capital protection or annual kick-out – which offer "a new form of safety," to answer investors' demands "to add performance and protection into their portfolios."

Investors are continuing to turn to structured products, according to Barclays Wealth, so its latest issue of the Defined Returns Plan (Capital Protection), offers three options for those looking for a fixed return from the FTSE 100 while still enjoying full capital protection at maturity.

Investors can choose the three, four, or five year option, offering potential yields of 12 per cent, 26 per cent, or 40 per cent respectively.

Each investment will deliver the returns if the FTSE 100 is either the same, or higher, at maturity than it was at starting level.

Meanwhile, the Defined Returns Plan (Annual Kick-out) offers two different options to suit investment portfolios with varying degrees of importance placed on risk and reward.

The Annual Kick-out 100 matures automatically on the first annual anniversary where the FTSE 100 is either at the same level as starting point or higher, returning 11 per cent if this occurs on the first anniversary, 22 per cent on the second, and so on until maturity.

Investors' capital is safe providing the FTSE 100 has not fallen more than 50 per cent when the investments mature, in which case one per cent is lost for each point the FTSE has fallen.

Colin Dickie, director at Barclays Wealth, says of the new investment products: "Investments with fixed returns continue to be extremely popular and the latest issues of our Defined Returns plans offer several competitive options to suit most types of risk profiles.

"Our DRP CP offers highly attractive terms particularly given that it provides full capital protection at maturity while the Annual Kick-Out now observes its capital at risk barrier only at maturity, adding an improved element of safety into one of our most popular investments."

Apply online today for the Barclays Wealth Defined Returns Plan (Annual Kick-out) or Defined Returns Plan (Capital Protection)

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