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Bestinvest: Demand for ethical Child Trust Funds set to increase

13 September 2007
How Child Trust Funds (CTFs) are invested will become more important to consumers and the industry as people become more ethically aware, an expert has said.

Business manager of Bestinvest, Hugo Shaw, said that concern for the environment would see a rise on the popularity of ethical CTFs.

CTFs have been awarded to all children since 2002 and can be put into a savings, investment or stakeholder account.

Mr Shaw said: "The image of investing a CTF voucher for a child's future is likely to evoke even stronger concerns for the environment, or fair-trade for developing nations, or whatever other shade of green strikes the best chord."

Ethical investments only place money into companies and industries that have green credentials and avoid those related to, for example, the ammunitions and petrochemical industries.

Bestinvest is an independent adviser, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority and a client base that has assets in excess of £2 billion.

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