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Bristol & West offers new European low-risk investment opportunity

25 July 2005
Those disappointed with the returns from their savings account should look into a new four-year guaranteed bond offering interest based on the performance of Europe's leading property investment firms.

The opportunity is offered by Bristol & West through Tenon Financial Services and is aimed at risk wary investors.

The offer period for the product is from July 11th until September 9th, 2005. During this period, and until the start date, interest will be calculated daily at a fixed rate of 4.5% Gross/AER.

The investment minimum is £5,000, which is the same for companies, charities, and trustees. Addition investments are only permitted during the offer period.

Gordon Taylor, managing director of Tenon said: "With the current low interest rates, investors are often disappointed with the interest earned on the savings. This bond provides the chance to earn more and gives the investor peace of mind knowing their money is not at risk."

Property has provided a consistently good return in the past few years and this trend is expected to continue.

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