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Cash ISA: 6.25% potential annual growth

Cash ISA: 6.25% potential annual growth

15 March 2012 / by Oliver Roylance-Smith

“With the end of the tax year in sight, making sure you get a high return from your cash ISA savings is going to be a high priority. The headline rate of 6.25% from Investec’s Kick Out Deposit plan certainly meets this criteria and is an attractive alternative when compared to the current crop of 5 year cash ISA fixed rates.

From year 2 onwards the plan compares the value of FTSE at the end of each year with its starting value and if higher, will mature early and return your initial deposit along with 6.25% for each year invested. You can also take advantage of your ISA allowance for both the current tax year and the next on a single application, transfer existing ISAs and make non-ISA investments."

Oliver Roylance-Smith, head of investments and savings