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China' has 'international investment opportunities'

16 January 2008 / by None
China's markets could provide attractive opportunities for international investors despite possible acquisition difficulties, Property Frontiers has said.

The group point out that while it may be problematic for investors to directly acquire property in China, there are other means open to them such as stocks and funds.

Marsha Lu, a researcher at Property Frontiers, spoke of alterative routes for investors, saying: "Let's say a foreign fund acquires a building block in China and rent it out locally. Foreign investors can invest in this fund, as an alternative way of involving themselves in the Chinese property sector."

She added that investment in a fund also requires much lower capital than investing in property which could also prove beneficial.

In related news, Gordon Brown's coming visit to China will see him discuss the reform of the international economic system in the wake of financial volatility, Reuters has reported.

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