Chinese equities 'to exceed expectations'

24 October 2007
Investors in the Chinese equity market will gain positive returns in the coming years, an expert has predicted.

Jupiter China Fund manager Philip Ehrmann has revealed that companies listed in China's domestic market have recorded higher increases in share value over the past year compared to those listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

Arguing his claim, Mr Ehrmann noted that consumer spending and infrastructure expenditure have also supported share value growth in the Chinese equity sector.

Chinese retail investors have been seeking to gain exposure to international markets as the country's economy continues to grow at a fast rate, Mr Ehrmann indicated.

"A share companies have reported earnings growth of 62 per cent on year, excluding any financial gains they have made from playing the stock market," he said.

Earlier this week, JPMorgan Asset Management urged UK income investors to broaden their horizons when it comes to exploring options available to them.

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