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Chinese market offering investment opportunities

15 November 2007
The growth of the Chinese economy may create a number of opportunities for investors, it has been claimed.

However, Martha Wang, manager of the Fidelity China Focus fund said that the valuations of a number of Chinese companies are "out of line" with their competitors in western states.

This, she explained, may be because partial listings have resulted in an "imbalance" between current supply and demand levels.

Given the current Chinese market, Ms Wang said that "stock-picking" is becoming increasingly important.

"Over the longer term, however, we believe China will continue to offer some very attractive opportunities to investors," she commented.

Mark Harris, managers of New Star's range of funds of funds, recently said that there are "considerable opportunities" available in China for investors looking to make profits.

Mr Harris made his comments following a trip to China and Australia, highlighting the "integral role" the latter is expected to play in the Chinese economy's development.

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