Climate change is 'strong investment theme'

29 October 2007
Investors are increasingly considering climate change when looking at different investment options, according to an industry observer.

The comments came as HSBC Investments has announced that it will launch the HSBC Climate Change fund on November 9th, pending regulatory approval.

The investment fund will target firms that are considered to be best positioned to benefit from combating climate change.

According to the HSBC spokesperson, the fund is "designed to capture … what we consider to be a good investment opportunity".

She added that the bank believes climate change is "one of the biggest investment themes for the foreseeable future".

Socially responsible investors are also likely to be interested in the fund, the representative suggested.

This is because the fund is set to invest some of its assets in firms that aim to reduce carbon emissions, she explained.

Rapid growth for the fund is being predicted, with the spokesperson saying HSBC estimates the fund will grow to "a few hundred million by year end".

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