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Cost of children £43,000

31 July 2007
The price of bringing up a child in the UK is £43,056 on average - or £46 per week, it has been claimed.

But this does not include education-related costs, which could see the amount spiral to around £150,000, according to Invesco Perpetual.

At the age of five, a child costs £44 each week on average. By the time the child reaches 17, this amount goes up to £56.

Rick White, marketing director at the company, claimed that investing in a child's future is one way to keep the price down, particularly if the whole family decides to contribute.

He added that equity-based investments may be the best way to do this.

"The reason being, that historically, the stock market has produced greater returns over the long-term, than other popular securities such as bonds, gilts and deposit accounts," he said.

Children are classed as adults in the UK once they reach 18 years of age.

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