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Credit crunch influences investors

05 December 2007
Some stock market investors have been prompted by the credit turmoil to move to less risky investments, a new report suggests.

A fifth of investors (21 per cent) have moved money into cash or bonds, the Lloyds TSB Investor Outlook report says.

In addition, more than a third said they felt "apprehensive" about stock market investments over the last quarter and almost half (48 per cent) have reviewed their portfolios.

Nathan Moss, managing director of wealth management at Lloyds TSB, said investors had "undoubtedly been rattled" by the state of the UK and global financial markets.

"But, it's important for investors to consider their own circumstances and avoid a knee-jerk reaction," he added.

He suggested that ivestors would do well to consult an expert and create a "balanced portfolio" that could endure a fluctuating environment.

Meanwhile, a survey by Barclays Stockbrokers revealed that many investors, actively seek bargains during market volatility.

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