Deadline for PEP and ISA transfers to protected capital growth plan extended at Legal & General

29 November 2004
Investors wanting to transfer ISAs or PEPs to a Legal & General protected capital growth plan have until Friday to make the switch.

The protected capital growth plan offers savers a minimum return of 26 per cent or half of stock market growth at maturity, whichever is higher.

Legal & General has found that many investors are looking to protect capital invested in equity ISAs and PEPs from future fluctuations in the stock market.

But savers looking capitalise on the protection of the protected capital growth plan must do so before Friday November 3.

Claire Stracey, Legal & General's retail investments marketing director, explained: "In recent in-depth group studies we found that mature investors, who were aged over 50, with large sums in an existing PEP or ISA, were concerned that their investment may be vulnerable to continuing equity market volatility.

"For this class of investor Protected Capital and Growth Plan may provide the answer. It protects their existing capital plus it has been designed to provide a minimum of 26 per cent growth at maturity. And the opportunity to benefit from growth potential in the FTSE 100 Index is perceived as a real bonus," she added.

The funds will mature on December 22, 2010.

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