Economy 'like it's in 1987'

02 August 2007
The UK's economic picture in 2007 looks a lot like it did in 1987, according to a finance official.

Jeremy Tique, manager of Foreign & Colonial Investment Trust, commented that market behaviour was similar today to how it was 20 years ago.

He added that the "short, sharp hit" that allowed investors to make money two decades ago might also provide them with a "breadth of opportunities" today.

This year has also been a good time for those with assets in the company and the firm has been firing on all cylinders, the expert claimed.

"The four key tools at our disposal - stock selection, asset allocation, the use of gearing and share buybacks - each made a positive contribution," he said.

Since its formation in 1868, the firm currently owns in excess of 500 companies across 30 countries worldwide, according to its corporate website.

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