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Equity market to 'rally' before end of the year

24 October 2007
The equity market is expected to improve over the next two to three months, according to one expert.

Ian Scott, an equity strategist at Lehman Brothers, said the firm's indicators "are strongly bullish for equities" over both the short and long-term, reports the Business.

Mr Scott's comments come after falls on Wall Street last week and a similar trend on London's FTSE 100 yesterday.

However, the FTSE did not suffer to quite the extent as the American markets did.

Although it fell rapidly in early trading, London's market was 1.1 per cent down by the end of the day, which is 1.5 per cent less than what the Dow Jones fell by.

One firm that experienced a share price increase during the course of trading yesterday was Vodafone, which saw its market value rise by 4.7p to stand at 179.7p.

Speaking to the Times, one trader said: "I don't know what's happening at Vodafone but its moving like a small cap."

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