Ethical Investment Association celebrates 10th anniversary

02 June 2008 / by Rachael Stiles
The Ethical Investment Association will celebrate its 10th anniversary on June 12th with a seminar for financial advisers.

Following on from the success of National Ethical Investment Week earlier this month, the event is hoped to encourage financial advisers to become better informed the about ethical investment options available and to subsequently raise public awareness.

The seminar will concentrate on discussing the various benefits of ethical investment with clients, which will offer opportunities for financial advisers to attract new customers who make investments based on their ethical values, and support existing clients in their wishes to invest in funds which do no damage the environment or violate human rights.

Other topics of discussion will include common misconceptions of ethical investment, such as the fact that they do not perform as well as other investments, the range of products available, and where to find more information.

Norwhich Union will sponsor the event, which will be free to attend, but organisers will collect money on behalf of the Burma cyclone appeal.

Brigid Benson, director of The GAEIA Partnership commented: "The success of National Ethical Investment Week shows that there is a growing interest among advisers for more knowledge and training around green and ethical investments.

"The Ethical Investment Association Training Seminars provide a great way for advisers to stay on top of the latest developments, meet specialist fund managers and ensure that they are able to effectively serve clients who want to make a difference with their money."

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