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Ethical approach attracting investors, says expert

08 November 2007
Forward thinking companies with a good environmental policy are likely to be more popular with investors, an expert has said.

Mark Robertson, spokesperson for the ethical investment research service Eiris, said that the market for green and principled financial products had been consumer-led.

Those who took a good environmental stance were likely to be better run, have a more contented workforce and were potentially more attractive to investors.

A recent Which? report showed that women were more ethically-aware than men, with 47 per cent of women prepared to accept a lower return if their bank invested ethically, compared to 36 per cent of men.

Citigroup committed $50 billion (£25 billion) to green projects in earlier this year, with other large financial institutions taking more of an interest too.

"The other issue is the fact that climate change is a huge issue that won't go away and businesses are going to have to change their practices," said Mr Robertson.

However he added that it also made good business sense for companies to come aboard with ethical investments.

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