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F&C: Investors will need advice during crisis

14 January 2008 / by None
Investors are likely to be conducting more business through advisers in the wake of the market crisis, according to F&C Asset Management.

The "unusual" financial situation means that areas which investors normally turn to in times of market volatility are in fact part of the problem, the group has said.

Commenting on the problem areas, Jason Hollands, head of group communications at F&C Asset Management, noted: "Some of the more traditional safe havens like corporate bonds are in an area which has been at the heart of the storm."

He went on to point out that there has been a trend since the dotcom bubble burst for increasing reliance on investment advice.

However, in related news the Financial Times has reported that corporate bond issuance in the Gulf could reach $50 billion (£25 billion) in the next year, as markets in the area "shrug off" the current credit crisis.

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