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Fair Investment launches

Fair Investment launches

14 February 2011 / by Rachel Mason

Ideas for your ISA from -Fair Investment Company launches new website dedicated to ISAs 

- Cash rates up to 4.50%
- Income and growth options
- 1000s of interesting investment opportunities
- Existing ISA? Transfer to a better deal

Dedicated to ISAs
Fair Investment Company today launches, a site dedicated to offering market-leading cash and stocks and shares ISAs.

"We have launched because we wanted to help people to understand all the options out there for their ISA allowance," explains Nick Scarrett, head of savings and investments at Fair Investment Company.

"While there are hundreds of websites with access to ISA deals, they can be very confusing, and people often find it difficult to make a choice. We wanted to create a definitive source for ISAs, dedicated to ISAs and ISAs alone." is a simple and easy way for customers to access a wide range of ISA deals, from basic cash accounts, to structured investment plans and growth funds. It clearly shows the various options available within an ISA wrapper and how to go about investing into them.

Cash rates of up to 4.5%
For those simply trying to get good cash ISA rates, has some great options, says Nick. "We have negotiated with providers to get some of the best cash ISA deals on the market; we can offer up to 2.80% and up to 2.10% on instant access web savers.

"For those willing to lock their cash away for a bit longer, we can offer up to 4.50% on five-year deposit plans."

Income yields of up to 7.00%

As well as great cash ISA deals, has a wide range of opportunities for stocks and shares ISAs, including income plans.

"With interest rates low, decent returns on cash are hard to find. Customers generally have to increase their risk to achieve good income returns, so income plans are becoming more popular," explains Nick.

"We offer a selection of income plans with a range of risk and protection levels, including structured investment products with potential yields of up to 7.00%, and income funds, where you can choose to invest in equities or funds that invest in corporate bonds."

Ideas for your ISA also has a number of investment growth options, including structured growth plans with the potential to return 11.00% a year, and growth funds, which allow investors access to a variety of collective funds that aim to achieve capital growth.

"With access to more than 2,000 investment opportunities, we have a wide range of growth funds, including low-cost low management options like passives, and for investors who want to take a more active approach, we offer access to interesting investment opportunities like commodities and emerging markets, and ethical options like the Jupiter Ecology fund," said Nick.

Making the most of your tax-free allowance – transfer to a better deal
As well as offering thousands of opportunities to investors who have not yet used their ISA allowance, also offers those who already have the chance to make more of their tax-efficient ISA wrapper by transferring into a better deal.

" You can transfer stocks and shares ISAs into other stocks and shares ISAs through and you can transfer any cash ISA into a new, higher paying cash ISA, or into a stocks and shares ISA, which could mean potentially higher returns," says Nick.

Investors should of course be comfortable with the increased risk associated with a stocks and shares ISA and should also be aware that they will not be able to transfer back to a cash ISA at a later date.