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Friends Provident adds green and climate change funds to ethical portfolio

13 December 2007
Life, pensions and asset management provider Friends Provident, has added three new ethical funds to its recently launched FRIENDS Wealth Solutions Bond.

The new funds, aimed at ethically minded investors, are being managed by global equity experts Schroders and F&C.

The first new fund is the Stewardship Corporate Bond, a new ethically screened fund which is part of the F&C Stewardship ethical range; F&C funds are amongst the most strictly screened ethical funds in the market.

The other two funds have been designed to "make the most of the opportunities and challenges presented by a changing climate".

The F&C Global Climate Opportunities Fund focuses on alternative energy, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, waste, advanced materials, forestry and agriculture, water, acclimatisation and supporting services, while the Schroder Global Climate Change Fund concentrates on energy efficiency, sustainable transport, clean energy, environmental resources and low carbon fossil fuels.

“We’re delighted to be able to provide investors with an expanded range of funds at a time when demand for green and ethical investments is increasing at an unprecedented rate," said Julia Dreblow, socially responsible investment marketing manager at Friends Provident.

“The new Stewardship Corporate Bond fund has been made possible by the Stewardship Committee of Reference recently approving some leading banks, who are taking environmental and social issues more seriously than ever before.

“Climate change has now become something that many leading organisations as well as individuals are seriously getting to grips with. We believe the way companies respond to this challenge will impact investment returns for many years to come.”

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