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FundsNetwork announces plans to expand fund choice for PEP & ISA investors

13 May 2006
A larger range of funds choice for PEP and ISA investors has been unveiled by Fidelity FundsNetwork.

Offshore fund providers will make their SICAV available to ISA and PEP investors, Schroder being the first to do so with others to follow.

"Given the increase in interest around ISAs this year, we are delighted that we're able to expand fund choice even further, by starting to make other providers' offshore funds available via Fidelity FundsNetwork for ISA investment," said Doug Naismith, managing director of European personal investments at Fidelity International.

Thanks to the UCITS directive, British investors can take advantage of other EU financial products, allowing greater flexibility in investment and often lower charges.

Fidelity claims that growing demand for offshore products have led to their introduction, with more foreign providers set to join later in the year.

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