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ISA investments in popularity contest

17 February 2005
The financial services arm of two leading investment trusts, Alliance Trust Savings (ATS), has published a new ranking showing the most popular ISA investment trusts.

Published in conjunction with the Association of Investment Trust Companies (AITC), the ranking is based on choices made by private investors through ATS.

Undoubted homecoming queen is the RIT Capital Partners holding, accounting for seven per cent of total investments in investment trusts.

Also popular are the Foreign & Colonial Investment Trust, the Witan Investment Trust and the British Empire Securities and General Trust holdings, coming second, third and fourth respectively.

"So far in this financial year assets in our ISAs have increased because our clients still appreciate the tax advantages they offer," commented ATS managing director Kevin Dann.

Mr Dann identified various benefits to the ISA investment trust.

"Many choose to invest in investment trusts, which offer diversification and a professionally managed portfolio," he said.

"With the government's recent announcement that it remains committed to ISAs. They are likely to stay in place without reductions in allowances until at least 2009."

ATS customers chose these top five holdings from over 1500 investment choices.

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