Investors go 'bargain hunting'

30 October 2007
New research has revealed that many investors were not discouraged by recent financial turmoil, with many choosing to pick up "bargains" during periods of volatility

According to Barclays Wealth, 66 per cent of investors it surveyed said that they look to buy inexpensive stocks during such times.

However, 21 per cent said that they would wait for volatile conditions to pass before taking action, while five per cent would look to move to cash investments.

Tom Ryan, director of Barclays Stockbrokers, said that investors are "increasingly" seeking out opportunities in the market during periods of financial upheaval.

"Investors are viewing market volatility as an opportunity to invest in cheap stocks and take advantage of the turmoil," he remarked.

Earlier in the month, Henk Potts, equity strategist at the firm, said that equity markets would outperform other asset classes following strong global growth and improving corporate earnings.

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