L&G: time running out for ISAs

17 October 2005
Customers with ISAs or PEPs who are planning to apply for Legal & General's Protected Capital & Growth Six, should get their applications in before October 21st 2005.

According to Legal & General, people with PEP or ISA investments should switch over to the plan to take advantage of the plan's tax-free, potential growth boost.

The Protected Capital and Growth Plan will not be subject to income tax at the end of the six-year term and, provides capital protection and pays a minimum of 21 per cent growth after its maturity in November 2011.

A spokesperson for Legal & General said: "Protected Capital and Growth Plan Six could be an ideal way for IFA clients to consolidate any gains they have made in the past on their ISAs and/or PEPs, as well as receive a minimum return of 21 per cent at maturity, with the potential to get back even more if the FTSE 100 Index grows substantially."

The stock market-linked investment requires a minimum deposit of £500 and there is no maximum limit for PEP or ISA transfers.

Customers can call Legal & General for an information pack and application form.

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