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Leeds unveils new 5.61% fixed rate bond

25 October 2006
A new two-year fixed rate bond with a guaranteed return of 5.61 per cent AER has been launched by Leeds Building Society.

The Fixed Rate Postal Bond will pay interest at this rate until January 31st 2009, or alternatively investors can opt for a monthly interest option, which pays a slightly lower rate (5.49 per cent).

Kim Rebecchi, Leeds' general manager of sales, said the latest product complimented the existing packages available at the company, including the related Postal Access Bond, which pays a fixed rate of 5.25 per cent until January 31st 2008.

"This straightforward postal bond offers customers the best two-year fixed rate available," Ms Rebecchi said.

"Peace of mind is a major consideration for customers when they look at what to do with their savings and many require a savings account that provides a competitive return and access to funds easily, in case of an emergency.

"This product is ideal for those customers who do not anticipate needing their funds but would like the option just in case."

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